Fred & Eyvonne

Eyvonne: Our first date was going to the movies, Mrs. Doubtfire, then we went out for Chinese Food and went to the pub and danced! He chased me for 7 years.

Fred:(huge smile) we were in the Olympics.

Eyvonne: We met there. We were both in the Special Olympics and I was into Cross Country Skiing. I can’t do that anymore with my legs like they are.

Fred: I did running, long jumping…track and field…and swimming and bowling. I’ve got lots of medals in a box in my cupboard. (showing me a photograph) This is my coach. He trained me for 4 years. He’s a good guy.

Eyvonne: We went to the 2000 Winter Games in Baton Rouge.

Me: (gobsmacked) Really? Oh my gosh? Olympics? You guys are amazing!

Fred: There’s photos. Where are all the photos, Eyvonne? (Fred goes away to look and comes back. We look through the album, photos of them competing, photos with the Kelowna team, photos of Eyvonne on the podium. I ooo and ahh…again, I am gobsmacked)

Me: This is so wonderful. What an amazing life you have, all these experiences! Wow!

Eyvonne: we also competed in Alaska. It was fun. This is me skiing.

Me: You have a great smile, Eyvonne. Every picture of you, you are smiling! What do you like most about Eyvonne, Fred? What do you like to do together?

Fred: She’s a wonderful wife. My favourite thing is to go for a special dinner at Kelly O’Bryans for our anniversary or birthday.

Eyvonne: we loved to go dancing at the pub, but we haven’t done that for a long time. And to dress up at Halloween and New Years (showing me more photos). Fred is so handsome, and I keep him in line and remind him to do things.

Fred: and I remind her to do things too.

Eyvonne: We’ve been married for 15 years, almost 16. We got engaged on Valentine’s Day, and got married on Grandma’s birthday. I had a hard life as a little girl, but I have a good life now with my husband.

Eyvonne’s story.


Interview and photographs by Lesley-Anne Evans


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