Geoff, 53.

A lot of people would be surprised to know that I am a recovering addict and that I used to be a drug dealer. Also, that I have spent close to ten years in prison.

The first time I was arrested was in the 80’s for break and enter, and armed robbery. Then in 2005 I was sentenced for two years for possession for the purposes of trafficking. After that I was out for 4 months and then busted again – another three years. I spent two of those three years in jail, and the other on parole.

At that point I had been clean and sober for two and a half years. When my parole was up, I relapsed for six months. The police were looking for me so they could charge me for trafficking. I took the Greyhound to Kelowna, and arrived April 1st 2011 to get treatment.

When I arrived in Kelowna there was a warrant for my arrest. I stayed at ‘Inn from the Cold’ for two weeks, and then made my way to the ‘Christian Based Men’s Recovery House.’ That’s when I started going to Metro.

After, I started working at the shelter, and that’s where I fell in love with Jesus.

Now I was working at ‘Inn from the Cold’ and ‘Freedoms Door.’ The warrant for my arrest just mysteriously disappeared – it’s crazy how God works! Today I am working for Metro and Options Okanagan. I have been clean and sober for five years!

My biggest challenge now is seeing people suffer on the street. I’ve been there and know what they are going through. My hope is to see homelessness end.


Interview by Samantha Cooper, photographs by Lesley-Anne Evans.

4 thoughts on “Geoff

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, it is inspiring to those you serve in the community, you let people know there is hope , getting sober, staying clean, and changing ones life, and that Jesus is there for those who want to seek him out , thanks so much, kandy

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  2. Geoff’ s love for God is very evident in the way he conducts himself and treats others…when I volunteered at metro I was always struck by his kind and gentle nature…so encouraging to see stories of lives truly changed…thanks for sharing

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