“Do you think these potatoes are rotten?” she asks. “No, I think it’s the cream. Let’s just wash it off and just not tell anyone. Wait, don’t put that. No one will ever come for dinner if they read that.” says Mom, otherwise known as Kimberly, as I sit at the counter before dinner with my computer. Mom’s story is about grace.

When I ask my mom where she is at today, she responds with: Circumstances in my life have taken me on an everlasting journey of learning about God’s grace. I grew up in a culture that was loving but conditional. Obedience to law was strongly upheld and my understanding of grace was that it only pertained to salvation. Judgment was my home for most of my life.

When life is working out, it’s easy to believe the lie that you’re somehow deserving of God’s favour. Then God let me taste grace through great personal failure and finding myself in circumstances beyond my control put me on my knees. I was finally asking the right questions; what is real grace and how does law fit? (I strongly recommend reading Phillip Yancey on the subject.) Grace flies in the face of conditional love. Grace flies in the face of punishment for my wrongs.

I have learned that lessons in grace are twofold: first you must learn to believe, accept, and receive grace; the second part is learning how to extend grace to others because, lets face it, some situations are reeeeally hard to be gracious in! ..and dinner’s ready!

Interview and photograph by Brittani Stober.

One thought on “Kimberly

  1. Beautiful! And lessons I too am learning. Kimberly is a face from the past and I am so happy to see that God is at work in the lives of old acquaintances. It makes me look forward to our glorious future in which we can recount life’s journey from His perspective.


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